Does your employer owe you

for unpaid overtime?

If you are owed unpaid wages, make sure you know your rights. The Fair Labor Standards Act and Ohio law are there for your protection. You deserve to get paid what is owed to you. Let us help.


Have you been

discriminated against at work?
If you have experienced discrimination at work due to disability, medical leave, military status, gender, pregnancy, age, race or religion, we want to help. No one should have to work in a hostile environment.
Has your employer
terminated your employment?
We are here for you regardless whether you need assistance with negotiating a severance package, obtaining unemployment benefits, or taking legal action for a wrongful termination. Let us assist you.

You’re Not Alone

Unfortunately, you are not the first person to experience discrimination at work and you won’t be the last. Various federal and state laws were put in place to stop workplace discrimination. We’re here to help employees who have been treated unfairly at any point in the process from hiring to firing.

Know Your Rights

Employment law encompasses many aspects of employer and employee relationships. State and federal laws are in place to protect workers, and it’s important to understand your rights. From the interview and hiring, to the workplace and firing, we represent people across Ohio in employment cases.

Minimum Wage Attorney Dayton OH

With many years in the Minimum Wage field, we at Coffman Legal, LLC know how to represent the true costs of Minimum Wage related legal services. We strive to find every possible option for reducing our clients’ Minimum Wage legal service costs because we know that translates to happier Dayton area clients.

The professionals at Coffman Legal, LLC hold a deep tradition of serving the Dayton area with quality Minimum Wage legal services. While some things remain constant, we look to our many years of experience for lessons on how to serve each client more effectively. For many years, our team at Coffman Legal, LLC has consistently grown as a strong Minimum Wage law firm.

You will not find better Minimum Wage related legal services than those provided by our team at Coffman Legal, LLC. Our extensive knowledge of Minimum Wage legal issues allows us to help anyone struggling in the Dayton area courts. We provide professional counsel and representation to anyone struggling with Minimum Wage matters in the Dayton area.

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Our Minimum Wage law firm will fight for what's right and what's best for you. If you're looking for a Minimum Wage lawyer in the Dayton area, contact Coffman Legal, LLC at 6149491181 today.

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