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Fighting the Good Fight for Employees' Rights

Non-exempt, hourly call center employee represented by Overtime Attorney Coffman Legal, LLC challenges Discover Financial Services and Discover Products Failure to Pay Overtime Wages

Overtime Attorneys file Collective and Class Action Lawsuit against Discover Financial Services and Discover Products, Inc. for failure to pay overtime wages. On August 23, 2017, the law firms of Coffman Legal, LLC and Bryant Legal, LLC filed a Collective and Class Action Complaint against Defendants Discover Financial Services and...
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Can my employer terminate me for discussing wages or terms of employment under its confidentiality policy? Columbus Employment Lawyer

An employer cannot have a broad confidentiality policy which calls for discipline or termination of employees who discuss wages, hours, or other terms of employment. Contact our Columbus Employment Attorney today! Many employers have a confidentiality policy which prohibits employees from openly discussing terms of their employment, including wages and hours. However,...
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What should I do if I’m being discriminated against at work? Ohio Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Employees who are being discriminated against must know their rights to a discrimination free workplace – Ohio Employment Discrimination Lawyer Employees may not be discriminated against based on certain bases, including their disability, pregnancy, age, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, race, religion, color, national origin, genetic information, or military status....
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Can my employer retaliate against me for being injured at work or filing for workers’ compensation? Ohio Workers’ Compensation Retaliation Attorney

If you have experienced retaliation following a workplace injury, contact our Ohio workers’ compensation retaliation attorney As an Ohio workers’ compensation retaliation attorney, I often receive calls when an employee has been retaliated against following a workplace injury when their employer terminates their employment or otherwise retaliates. Workplace injuries can be...
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