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Am I an independent contractor or employee? Should I receive overtime?

Oftentimes, employers misclassify employees as Independent Contractors instead of Employees. Consequently, those employees are not paid overtime wages and benefits. Our Ohio overtime lawyer can answer all of your questions regarding whether or not you are properly classified as an independent contractor. Independent Contractors According to the IRS, the general rule is that...
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SCOTUS ruling entitles Home Health Workers to Overtime Wages

2016 UPDATE: SCOTUS denies cert by home care associations challenging home health workers entitled to overtime wages and protections under the FLSA. Our Ohio FLSA overtime attorney blogged in February about a change in the law called the “home care final rule” that entitled approximately 2 million home health workers to overtime pay, overturning an exemption that...
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Home Health Workers are now Entitled to Overtime Pay

Home Health Workers, Aides, and other Employees Providing Companionship Services are now entitled to Overtime Pay as of January 1, 2015. The law has changed and employees who have been taken advantage of are now entitled to much deserved overtime wages. Almost 2 million home care workers are now non-exempt...
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Columbus Ohio Employment Attorney Representing Employees

Coffman Legal, LLC is your Columbus Ohio Employment Attorney for all your legal needs. Our Columbus Ohio Employment Attorney represents employees in Columbus, Ohio and throughout the State of Ohio in all types of employment matters. If you find yourself with a legal issue related to your employment whether it be the non-payment...
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