Columbus, Ohio Employment Discrimination Attorney

Our Columbus Employment Discrimination Attorney assists employees who have experienced discrimination at work because of their disability, pregnancy, military status, religion, race, color, national origin, age, or gender sexual orientation or sexual identity. If you have experienced discrimination at work contact our Columbus Discrimination Lawyer today for a FREE consultation. Below you may find additional information about the different areas of employment discrimination our Columbus Discrimination Attorney regularly handles for clients.

Columbus LGBTQ Discrimination Attorney

Columbus LGBTQ Discrimination Attorney If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace based on your sexual orientation or gender identity, you may have a legal claim under Title VII of the Civil...
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Columbus Race Discrimination Attorney

Columbus Race Discrimination Attorney Our Columbus race discrimination attorney will provide aggressive, experienced representation for harassment based on your race or race discrimination. Race discrimination and harassment in the workplace is illegal....
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Columbus Gender Discrimination Attorney

Columbus Gender Discrimination Lawyer If you are experiencing hostility or discrimination based on your gender, then you should contact our Columbus gender discrimination attorney today. Gender discrimination at work is a major...
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Columbus Religious Discrimination Attorney

Columbus Religious Discrimination Lawyer Our Columbus religious discrimination attorney will ensure that you work in an environment free from harassment and discrimination based on your religious beliefs. If your employer has treated...
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Columbus Age Discrimination Attorney (ADEA)

Columbus Age Discrimination Lawyer Our Columbus age discrimination attorney is here to assist you in the event you are treated with hostility or otherwise discriminated against because of your age. If you...
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Columbus Military Status Discrimination Attorney (USERRA)

Columbus Military Status Discrimination Lawyer If you are a servicemember and your employer has unlawfully discriminated against you in the workplace due to your military status, contact a Columbus military status discrimination...
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Columbus Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney

Columbus Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer All too often our Columbus pregnancy discrimination attorney hears from pregnant employees who are suffering from hostility and discrimination in the workplace because of your pregnancy. If you...
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Columbus Disability Discrimination Attorney

Columbus Disability Discrimination Lawyer Our Columbus disability discrimination attorney regularly handles cases where employees with disabilities are mistreated by their employers. If you suffer from a mental or physical impairment (which constitutes...
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