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Employment Issues our Ohio Employment Attorney Regularly Encounters

Ohio Hostile Work Environment Attorney

Ohio Hostile Work Environment Attorney If you believe you are working in a hostile work environment, you should contact our Ohio hostile work environment attorney today to further discuss your employment. The...
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Ohio Employment Retaliation Attorney

Ohio Employment Retaliation Attorney Our Ohio employment retaliation attorney is here to discuss the circumstances of your employment to determine if you have a claim for retaliation. There are multiple federal and...
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Ohio Wrongful Termination Attorney

Ohio Wrongful Termination Attorney If you have been unlawfully fired from your job, or wrongfully terminated, you should consult with our Ohio wrongful termination attorney to determine if you have a legal...
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Ohio Sexual Harassment Attorney

Ohio Sexual Harassment Attorney If you experience sexual harassment at work, contact our Ohio sexual harassment today so that he can explain your rights. Sexual harassment should be treated as a zero-tolerance...
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Ohio FMLA Attorney – Family Medical Leave Act Lawyer

Ohio FMLA Attorney Our Ohio FMLA attorney is adept in representing you if you experience issues with your employer related to your FMLA-protected medical leave. What is the FMLA? If you have a...
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Ohio Employment Attorney

Ohio Employment Attorney Ohio Employment Attorney Matthew J.P. Coffman represents employees in nearly all aspects of litigation related to their employment in Courts and administrative agencies throughout Ohio. From employees’ applications for...
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