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We Have a Passion for Protecting Employee Rights in Groveport, Ohio

At Coffman Legal, our Groveport employment law attorney has a strong record of successful experience representing workers throughout Ohio. If you or your loved one is currently having problems in the workplace, we will help you find the best available solution. For a free, strictly confidential initial consultation with a top-rated Groveport employment lawyer, contact us today.

Employment Law Matters We Handle in Groveport, Ohio

We advocate for the rights of employees—not for large corporations. Our Groveport, OH employment law attorney has the legal skills, training, and experience to represent clients across the full range of employment law matters. Among other types of cases, our employment law attorney has experience handling:

My Workplace Rights Were Violated — What Now?

If your workplace rights were violated in Central Ohio, the first thing that you should do is call an experienced Groveport employment law attorney. An attorney can conduct a confidential evaluation of your case and help you devise a sensible strategy. There is always a path forward.

Depending on the circumstances, it may be time to file a claim right now. For example, you might need to bring a case with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. In some cases, you may have a viable claim before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In other circumstances, a lawyer may recommend that you speak to a supervisor or human resources (HR) representative prior to taking any official action.

Why Work with Groveport Employment Lawyer Matthew J.P. Coffman

Matthew J.P. Coffman is a top-rated Groveport, OH employment law attorney. He is proud to provide each and every client with zealous, cost effective legal representation. Mr. Coffman understands how much his clients have at stake in an employment law case—he will work tirelessly to protect you. When you contact our law firm, you will get an attorney who:

  • Offers a free initial consultation;
  • Takes the time to listen to what you have to say;
  • Provides open, honest legal guidance;
  • Knows how to find solutions; and
  • Will aggressively fight for your rights. 

Employees deserve fully personalized legal representation. In some cases, immediate legal action is needed to stop serious workplace misconduct, such as sexual harassment and discrimination. In other cases, you and your employer may still be able to work toward a mutually agreeable settlement. Mr. Coffman will find the approach that is right for you and your case.

Speak to Our Groveport, OH Employment Law Attorney Today

At Coffman Legal, our Groveport employment attorney is a dedicated, solutions-oriented advocate for workers throughout Ohio. To get immediate assistance with your employment law claim, contact our law firm today. We represent employees in Groveport and throughout Columbus.

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