Labor Law Attorney Columbus, Ohio

Employment Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

Labor Law Attorney Columbus, Ohio

Hold employers to their legal duties and employment contract obligations

Enforcing labor laws makes entire workplaces better. It improves the lives of all of an organization’s employees by ensuring that common problems like wage theft, discrimination, and harassment either do not occur or get dealt with appropriately.

As a labor law attorney based in Columbus, Ohio, Matthew Coffman helps entire workforce fight for

  • Overtime eligibility, which the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guarantees to non-exempt employees;
  • Pay of at least minimum wage and overtime for employees for all hours worked;
  • Discrimination in hiring, promoting, firing, or other employment actions on the basis of disability, pregnancy, military status, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and other unlawful bases;
  • FMLA issues with interference or retaliation when requesting or taking medical leave;
  • Equal pay, which means people doing the same jobs with the same amount of experience receive the same hourly wage or salary no matter their age, sex, or race;
  • Prevailing wage payments, which state and federal contracts mandate;
  • Wrongful termination, which occurs when people are fired for unlawful, discriminatory, or retaliatory;
  • Hostile work environment, which means managers and supervisors act quickly and appropriately to investigate and resolve reports of discrimination, bullying, and harassment;
  • Background check fairness, which requires compliance with a range of laws;
  • Layoff recall/Return-to-Work eligibility, which must be negotiated; and
  • Severance/Separation pay, which can be a matter for negotiation but is also subject to some legal requirements because employees generally “own” unused paid time off and contributions to retirement accounts.


How a Columbus, Ohio Labor Law Attorney Can Help

Some employees will, from time to time, have individual concerns regarding their own pay, treatment by co-workers and management, and rights to take family and medical leave or return to their job after doing military service. Too many workplaces force such concerns on all their employees.

Strong employment contracts and, when available, collective bargaining go to great lengths in protecting employees’ rights to fair pay, equitable treatment, and job security. A dedicated Columbus labor attorney welcomes opportunity to assist workers with drafting, negotiating, updating, and ensuring compliance with employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements.

When a Columbus labor lawyer cannot get an employer to negotiate in good faith or to meet its obligations under an existing labor agreement, he can file a lawsuit on behalf of the affected workers. Taking collective legal actions under the FLSA is complicated and time-consuming, so mistreated workers should partner with a lawyer who has experience in handling such cases and a passion for protecting employees’ rights.


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