Lincoln Village Employment Law Attorney

Lincoln Village Employment Law Attorney

Employment law regulates employee and employer relationships. It clearly lays out the rights of each party and their respective obligations, and because employers provide pension scheme access to employees, employment law and pension law are also very much related.

Employment law involves industrial relations, unions, and collective bargaining. Typically, attorneys stick to a particular side of representation. They might either work on behalf of employees, agencies, unions or employers. There are situations where they exclusively represent executives or a specific agreement, but if your employee rights have been breached we recommend you contact Coffman Legal, LLC today for your free consultation.

Lincoln Village Employment Law Firm


At Coffman Legal, LLC, examples of cases we work with include discrimination litigation, claims of harassment, age, as well as disability, sex, and race bias. We are also involved in issues like wage and hour cases and unpaid overtime disputes. These areas of employment law are always evolving, whether it’s at the federal, state, or local levels.

Attorney Coffman has experience in many roles and specializes in employment cases such as:

  • Unpaid wage or unpaid overtime violations;
  • Unlawful termination or retaliation;
  • Whistleblower rights;
  • Exercising a protected right;
  • Workplace discrimination;
  • Workplace harassment;
  • Paid or unpaid leave violations;
  • OSHA violations; and
  • More.

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Issues around employment law are not going away any time soon. Lincoln Village employment lawyer Matthew Coffman at Coffman Legal, LLC will make sure to give you his undivided attention and has the experience you can trust to get the job done.

Our attorneys are brilliant and professional. They possess great work-ethic to ensure success for our clients. We make sure that their problem-solving skills, professional responsibility, and intellectual curiosity are unmatched, not forgetting effective people skills because, at the end of the day, these areas of law are about people. To us, the ability of an attorney to listen and communicate, interact respectfully, build trust, empathize and understand clients is of utmost importance. These skills empower us to be able to deal with sensitive cases and successfully deliver difficult advice to you.

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If you find yourself in need of our help, or you feel your work-related rights have been violated, please don’t hesitate to call us directly, we are always available. You can also request for a free consultation service at the Lincoln Village Employment Law Attorney office of Coffman Legal, LLC or get an online consultation if you so desire.

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