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Our New Albany employment law attorney is dedicated to defending workers’ rights and will stand by your side in any dispute with an employer.

Workers power the economy in New Albany as well as in Ohio as a whole. Nevertheless, the tension between employers and labor still exists. Even the best employees can expect bosses to take advantage of them, often by requiring extra work without compensation. At our law firm, our New Albany employment law attorney has dedicated his career to helping workers just like you understand your rights and stand up for yourself. Our firm can help you bring a legal case for compensation when an employer violates your rights. Please reach out to our legal team to schedule a free consultation.

Legal Disputes We Handle

Our experience in employment and labor law is broad. If you have a dispute, please contact us to discuss whether we can be of assistance. Some of the representative disputes we have handled include:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Workplace harassment
  • Unlawful termination and constructive discharge
  • Overtime disputes
  • Minimum wage disputes
  • Whistleblower protection
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) disputes
  • Severance pay negotiations

If you think your employer has violated your rights, please reach out to us, even for a matter that is different than those listed above. We have handled many types of cases and are prepared to represent your interests.

Bringing Employment Law Claims

Once you suspect your employer is violating your rights, you should hire an attorney right away. A lawyer can help analyze the circumstances surrounding the dispute, notify you of your options, and then collect evidence on your behalf. An attorney also can act as a go-between in discussions between you and your employer.

Bringing a claim depends on the rights that have been violated. As an example, someone who has suffered workplace harassment or discrimination will need to file an administrative complaint first. This can be brought with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission or with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The purpose of the complaint is to notify the government of the allegations and give them a chance to investigate. Only after filing the administrative complaint can you bring a lawsuit in court.

If you have a wage and hour dispute, by contrast, you might immediately go into court to sue for your unpaid wages, either individually or collectively with other workers. There is no administrative complaint requirement.

The compensation our clients receive will depend on the facts of the violation, but some have received:

  • Backpay
  • Frontpay
  • Reinstatement to their job
  • Liquidated damages
  • Compensatory damages
  • Punitive damages
  • Attorneys’ fees and costs
  • Other relief that is reasonable

Contact Our New Albany Employment Law Firm for a Free Consultation

Although every worker is free to pursue a claim on their own, there is no substitute for experienced legal counsel. An employment attorney understands the relevant law and can identify what evidence will be most helpful to prove a violation.

To schedule your free consultation with our new Albany employment lawyer, please reach out directly or send us an online message. Our consultations are no-obligation, and we work on a contingency fee basis.

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