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What Are the Employment Laws on Sick Leave?

If you are an employee working in Ohio, understanding the sick leave laws that are relevant to your industry and position is important. At the law offices of Coffman Legal, LLC, our employment attorneys can guide you through laws on sick leave, and will represent you if your rights have...
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How Do I Receive Unemployment Benefits in Ohio?

Qualifying for unemployment benefits in Ohio generally requires Losing your job without just cause, Working for a company or agency that pays into the state unemployment insurance program, Working at least half-time for the preceding 18 months, Submitting an initial application with the state’s Ohio Department of Job and Family...
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What Is the Minimum Wage in Ohio?

During the fall of 2018, when the wage and hour attorneys with Coffman Legal received this most basic question from a client with a potential unpaid wages case, Ohio required all employers in the state to pay their workers at least $8.30/hour. The $8.30/hour minimum wage applied to nearly all...
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