Employment Class Action Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

Employment Class Action Lawyer

Employers must answer for denying rights to groups of workers, including not paying overtime or other wages or discrimination

When it comes to employment law, Ohio class action lawsuits represent one of the most effective ways to stop and penalize violations of workers’ rights. The civil lawsuits hold managers, supervisors, and executives who engage in or turn a blind eye to mistreatment of employees accountable. The entire organization is also held to account for empowering its employees to act in unlawful and injurious ways toward other employees.

Anyone who notices patterns of employee mistreatment at their own workplace has the right to contact an Columbus Ohio class action lawyer to discuss solutions. You do not need to be a victim yourself to speak up for those who are.

Problems that can be solved through Ohio class action lawsuits include but are not limited to:

  • Paying less than minimum wage;
  • Stealing tips and other issues for tipped employees;
  • Denying overtime pay;
  • Discriminating against job applicants and workers based on disability, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, pregnancy, age, race, or military service;
  • Permitting or engaging in sexual harassment and other types of abusive behavior;
  • Maintaining a hostile work environment; or
  • Imposing different standards for requiring background checks and drug tests.

Ohio Class action lawsuits are brought on behalf of similarly-situated employees

A “class” of plaintiffs in an employment rights lawsuit can have many definitions. At the most basic level, a class exists when 30 or more workers who share significant similarities suffer similar harms from their employer failing to comply with employment laws and regulations. For instance, female employees who consistently receive lower salaries than or lose promotions to male coworkers could constitute a class in a lawsuit over sex discrimination. Such a lawsuit would be brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which requires equal treatment of men and women when it comes to the terms and conditions of employment.

For a case involving workers’ rights to proper pay under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Ohio law, a collective and class actions could include every hourly wage worker for a fast food chain who got paid less than minimum wage and/or had unpaid overtime resulting from their employer’s refusal to pay for all hours worked, an automatic meal deduction, or many other reasons.

The employee rights’ lawyers with Coffman Legal have particular experience with enforcing workers’ ability to take time off through the Family and Medical Leave Act without getting punished for doing so. A Columbus FMLA class action lawyer could represent employees of a large company who all had managers or supervisors refuse to grant FMLA leave or who got demoted or fired after returning to work.

An Ohio class action lawyer can secure monetary damages and demand employers follow the law

Plaintiffs who win Ohio employment class action lawsuits can receive compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages reflect the money lost to the theft of wages and overtime pay, discrimination, harassment, or abuse. Punitive damages represent noncriminal fines that are assessed to penalize the defendant and to set an example to other employers of the price they would pay for violating workers’ rights.

A Columbus class action lawyer in an employment lawsuit will also push for injunctive relief and remedies. Without going too far into the legal weeds, this means the Columbus class action attorney will try to get the court to issue orders that the company’s managers, supervisors, and executives change policies and practices to ensure employees get treated well and fairly from that point forward.

For an FLSA collective and class action lawsuit brought over unpaid wages or overtime, compensatory damages could include back pay with an additional amount of liquidated damages and attorney’s fees and costs.

Injunctive remedies in the same FLSA class action could include a requirement for the employer to fix an FLSA-violating pay practice, not retaliate against employees, or keep better wage and hour records.

Contact a Columbus, Ohio class action attorney to discuss class action lawsuits over unpaid wages, employment discrimination, and worker mistreatment

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