Columbus FLSA Collective Action Lawyer

FLSA Collective Action Lawyer

Columbus FLSA Collective Action Attorney regularly represents groups of employees recover unpaid wages or overtime

Our Columbus FLSA collective action lawyer is here to assist you in the event you find yourself on the unfortunate end of not being properly compensated in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What is a collective action?

Under 29 U.S.C. 216(b), an employee may bring a collective action to recover unpaid minimum wages or unpaid overtime wages on behalf of themselves and other similarly situated employees. When an employer is not properly paying an employee correctly pursuant to the employer’s policy or practice, it is very likely that other employees are also not receiving their full compensation. Under the FLSA, the employee may pursue their claims individually or collectively. All employees who are not being paid properly may recover their unpaid wages, liquidated damages, attorney’s fees, and the costs and expenses of pursuing their claims.

What should I do if I think I’m not receiving proper compensation?

If you believe you are not receiving at least minimum wage or overtime compensation for all of your hours worked in a workweek, then you should contact our office to discuss your rights further. As described above, you may have an individual claim under the FLSA or you may have the option of bringing a collective action claim on behalf of all employees who are all not being paid in accordance with the law. Our office provides FREE consultations and we are happy to explain our fee arrangements to you. In addition, we are happy to explain the differences between pursuing your legal claims individually or collectively.

Contact our Columbus FLSA Collective Action Lawyer for a FREE consultation

If you have questions about the pay you are (or are not) receiving from your employer, then we are here to answer all of your questions. We provide free consultations and will analyze whether you have any claims under the FLSA or Ohio law. Then, we will explain your rights to potential recovery and suggest the manner in which we would proceed. Our Columbus FLSA collective action lawyer looks forward to the opportunity to speak with you today.

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