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Prevailing Wages

Columbus, Ohio Prevailing Wage Rights Attorney will ensure you are paid Prevailing Wage

Our Columbus prevailing wages attorney will assist you with any issues resulting from your employer failing to properly pay you prevailing wages. Both contractors and subcontractors may become liable for the failure to properly pay employees prevailing wages.

Prevailing wages are the hourly wages established and regulated by trade laborers. Ohio’s laws protect laborers to ensure they are properly paid prevailing wage. Ohio’s prevailing wage laws require contractors to

(1) pay the correct prevailing wage for the correct classification;

(2) pay overtime wages;

(3) not deduct food, lodging, or transportation (unless pre-approved);

(4) maintain full and accurate time records;

(5) submit certified payroll reports; and

(6) supply subcontractors with the applicable prevailing wage rate schedule.

As with all things related to wages, contractors and subcontractors sometimes fail to pay employees the proper prevailing wage for their work. Their failures may be attributed to not paying the proper wage, not paying for all hours worked, or taking unlawful deductions from hours worked. Regardless, you should contact a Columbus prevailing wages attorney with any questions about your prevailing wage compensation.

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You are entitled to be paid properly at the correct pay rate for all hours worked. If you have any questions about prevailing wages or need any help-seeking unpaid wages from your employer, contact our office at 1-614-949-1181 for a free consultation with a Columbus wages attorney. We look forward to speaking with you about your prevailing wages today.

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