Columbus Unpaid Wages Attorney

Unpaid Wages Attorney

Unpaid Wages Attorney Columbus Ohio will Recover your Wages

Our Columbus unpaid wages attorney will assist you with any issues resulting from your employer failing to pay you for all hours worked.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employers to violate state and federal wage laws by not properly paying employees overtime or minimum wages. Our Columbus unpaid wages attorney understands that employees cannot afford to go without their pay for extended periods of time. We will aggressively pursue recovery on your behalf.

In addition, employers must pay employees promptly under Ohio law. If you have earned wages, but they have not been paid in a timely manner, then you may have a legal claim for the unpaid wages and/or for your employer’s failure to promptly pay such wages. In many cases, this occurs when an employer fails to pay its employee their last paycheck following a separation from employment. For employees who also have accrued paid time off at the time of their separation, they may also have a claim for the value of the unused PTO. In other cases, employers may simply be late in paying employees in a prompt manner that they deserve to be compensated. Our Columbus unpaid wages attorney often finds that the same employers who refuse to compensate employees either promptly or for their final pay period are the same employers that may also violate other wage and hour laws. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out to our office to have an experienced Columbus unpaid wages attorney perform a thorough review of your compensation to determine if there are any violations of state and federal law.

Contact our Columbus Unpaid Wages Attorney for a FREE consultation

If you have not received your last paycheck following a separation, you have not been paid your unused paid time off, or you have not been paid in a prompt manner, then we would like to speak with you about your unpaid wages. Contact our office at 1-614-949-1181 for a free consultation with a Columbus unpaid wages attorney about your unpaid wages today.

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