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Employment Contract Lawyer

When employers fail to live up to their obligations regarding work hours, pay, and fair and equitable treatment, they can be held legally accountable for breaches of contract.

Sometimes when an individual is hired by an employer, the employer creates a legally binding employment contract that governs the terms and conditions of employment. Often, the contract is a detailed written and signed agreement, and several jobs are subject to union contracts or collective bargaining agreements. An oral agreement or informal working arrangement also creates an employment relationship when you and your employer reach an understanding of the work you will perform and what the employer will pay.

Each employment contract places duties and obligations on you and your employer. To cite just one example of what this means, when you show up and perform your job duties, your employer must pay you your promised wage or salary.

Ohio employment contract lawyers like those who work out of the Columbus offices of Coffman Legal exist because at time employers may breach their contracts with employees. When that happens a Columbus employment agreement attorney can help unfairly treated workers enforce their rights and hold their employers financially accountable.

Understand what an employment contract covers

Each agreement an employee makes with his or her employer will have provisions that are unique to the individual and the position he or she fills. That said, you should insist that any employment contract you enter into clearly spells out the following details:

  • Job title
  • Job location
  • Job duration if the work is performed as a contractor or temporary employee
  • Hours and shifts
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Pay
  • Overtime eligibility and rates for overtime pay
  • Employee benefits such as paid time off, health and life insurance coverage, and retirement plan eligibility and matching contributions
  • Requirements to keep the job, such as receiving ongoing training and wearing a uniform

If you are a professional or executive, consulting with an experienced employment contract lawyer while negotiating your own employment contract will protect your rights and interests.

Recognize breaches or employment contracts.

Any time your employer fails to meets its obligations under its employment contract with you, it has breached the contract. Not paying on time, not paying in full for all hours worked or assignments completed, and refusing to pay overtime are probably the most common breaches. Other terms and provisions that by which employers must abide include providing promised benefits and training, allowing competition for promotions, and awarding raises for time of service or the achievement of goals.

An employer can also breach an employment contract by subjecting you to rules and requirements that do not exist in the agreement. This becomes a particular problem when an employer targets you for discipline, demotion, or reassignment by enforcing rules that other employees do not have similarly enforced. Investigations into such disparate treatment often reveal that unfair actions are rooted in discrimination based on race, religion, age, or sex.

Know your legal options for enforcing your employment contract

Do not hesitate to contact a Columbus employment agreement attorney as soon as your employer fails to meet its obligations. The employment contract lawyer can help you document the violations, work to discover if other employees are being mistreated in the same way, and advise you on how to approach managers and supervisors to resolve the problem.

Enlisting the advice and representation of an employment contract lawyer early in the process will also increase your chances for succeeding with a legal challenge if your employer does not agree to stick to the contract when you identify a breach. The better an attorney knows your case, the more likely you are to receive unpaid wages, secure monetary damages, compel changes to employment policies and practices, and potentially win punitive damages.

You can put an experienced and hardworking Ohio employment contract lawyer to work for you by calling Coffman Legal at 1-614-949-1181. You can also schedule a free and confidential consultation by connecting with the firm online through this contact form.

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