Columbus LGBT Discrimination Attorney

Columbus LGBT Discrimination Attorney

If you have experienced discrimination in the workplace based on your sexual orientation or gender identity, you may have a legal claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and should speak with our Columbus LGBT Discrimination Attorney further. Unfortunately, there is currently no state or federal law that expressly prohibits employers from discriminating against employees because of sexual orientation, but recent EEOC decisions are a step in the right direction.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases

Under Title VII of the EEOC, your employer is not able to rely on sex-based considerations or take gender into account when taking an employment action. If your employer has treated you unfairly from other employees because of your sexual orientation, this treatment is illegal and you have the right to file a claim.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination is Considered Sex Discrimination:

  • When it involves treatment that would not have occurred but for the individual’s sex
  • When it is based on the sex of the person(s) the individual associates with
  • When it is premised on the fundamental sex stereotype, norm, or expectation that individuals should be attracted only to those of the opposite sex

Discrimination based on gender stereotypes

Even though it is legal in Ohio to be fired based on your sexual orientation, employers should not be able to discriminate. Groups like Equality Ohio are working with legislators to pass a bill to end this discrimination. Employers should never discriminate against employees or applicants who may not conform to the employers’ sex stereotypes or who otherwise exhibit gender non-conforming behavior.

Contact our Columbus LGBTQ Discrimination Attorney for a FREE consultation

If you believe you have experienced LGBT discrimination based on your sexual orientation or gender identity at work, contact our Columbus LGBT discrimination attorney to discuss your rights. We offer a free consultation to speak with you regarding all aspects of LGBT discrimination at work. Call 1-614-949-1181 to schedule a free consultation with a Columbus LGBT discrimination attorney.

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