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Employment issues our Columbus Employment Attorney regularly encounters. Call our Columbus Employment Lawyer for assistance

Our Ohio Employment Attorney assists employees with a variety of employment issues that arise before, during, and after their employment. In particular, our Ohio Employment Lawyer represents employees with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) issues such as interference and retaliation, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, hostile work environment, severance negotiations, and background checks. If you have experienced issues with any of the preceding or other employment issues, contact our Ohio Employment Attorney for a FREE consultation. Below you may find more information on each of these particular practice areas our Ohio Employment Lawyer often handles for clients.

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Columbus Wrongful Termination Attorney
If you have been unlawfully fired from your job, or wrongfully terminated, you should consult with our Columbus wrongful termination attorney to determine if you have a legal claim. There are some situations where an employer cannot fire an employee such as contracts, implied promises, discrimination, and retaliation. After speaking with a wrongful termination lawyer, we can tell you if you have a case.
Columbus Sexual Harassment Attorney
If you experience sexual harassment at work, contact our Columbus sexual harassment attorney today so that he can explain your rights.

Sexual harassment should be treated as a zero-tolerance policy by all employers. An attorney is imperative in helping employees with sexual harassment claims. Under Title VII, there are two potential sexual harassment claims: quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile environment sexual harassment.

Columbus Background Check Lawyer (FCRA)
Our office understands that the thought of having your employer or your prospective employer run a background check on you can be nerve-racking because oftentimes our credit reports may have mistakes or inaccuracies in them. Because of the prevalence of mistakes contained in credit reports, employees and prospective employees have rights if an employer or prospective employer is going to use background checks when making employment decisions. Contact our Columbus background check lawyer if you have any questions.
Columbus Employment Retaliation Attorney
Our Columbus employment retaliation attorney is here to discuss the circumstances of your employment to determine if you have a claim for retaliation.There are multiple federal and state statutes in employment law which protect employees from retaliation. Title VII, for example, prohibits covered employers from retaliating against employees who file charges, testify, report discrimination, or otherwise participate in an investigation against the company.
Columbus Ohio Employment Attorney
Our Columbus wage and hour attorney is here to assist you with any issues related to your compensation. Both federal and Ohio law requires that you be paid at minimum rates of pay for all hours worked and overtime premium when working over 40 hours in a given workweek. We often find that our clients are on the wrong end of working without being fully compensated for their labor. They are not paid for all of their hours worked or they are not fully compensated at the proper pay rate.
Columbus Hostile Work Environment Attorney
If you believe you are working in a hostile work environment, you should contact our Columbus hostile work environment attorney today to further discuss your employment.

The presence of hostility alone is insufficient to support a hostile work environment claim. Oftentimes, employees believe they have a claim for a hostile work environment if their boss is hostile, rude, or mean to them, but that’s rarely the case.

Columbus Ohio Severance Negotiation Lawyer
At Coffman Legal, LLC, our Columbus severance negotiation lawyer understands that separation from employment can be a very stressful time filled with uncertainties. At times, employers offer employees severance agreements as they part ways.

If your employer has offered you severance by way of a written agreement, we recommend that you speak with a Columbus severance negotiation lawyer prior to making a decision whether to accept the benefits offered by your employer. When you accept severance, employers require you to release any potential claims you may have against them (whether you know about them or not), and you are legally bound by the agreement. Make sure you protect yourself by seeking legal counsel and review prior to signing a severance agreement.

Columbus FMLA Attorney
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows certain qualified workers to take job-protected leave associated with the birth of a child or medical needs of the employees and certain family members. The FMLA leave may be taken on a continuous or intermittent basis for up to 12 weeks. Many employees encounter interference with or retaliation because they have taken FMLA leave, but our Ohio FMLA lawyer is here to help. If you were unfairly denied leave or you were punished for taking FMLA leave, please contact a Columbus employment lawyer as soon as possible.

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