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Religious Discrimination

Our Columbus religious discrimination attorney will ensure that you work in an environment free from harassment and discrimination based on your religious beliefs.

If your employer has treated you unfairly because of your religious beliefs, employees are protected from religious discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. You are also protected for your lack of a religious belief. Essentially, companies should never use religion as a basis for making any employment decisions.

Whether you follow an organized religion like Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism or another, the law forbids your employer from making religiously-biased employment decisions such as:

  • Not hiring an applicant
  • Firing an employee in good standing
  • Assigning sub-par workloads
  • Withholding a deserved promotion

If your employer has taken (or failed to take) any of the preceding actions because of your religious beliefs, then you should contact our Columbus religious discrimination attorney today.

Religious Dress and Grooming Discrimination

An employer is required by law to accommodate employees’ religious beliefs and practices, within reason. This means you should be allowed to wear religious clothing and accessories at the workplace, even if your attire is different from other employees. In addition, you cannot be forced to wear clothing and accessories that your religion prohibits. Exceptions exist if your beliefs and practices cause undue hardship such as impeding on safety regulations, decreasing work efficiency, or unfairly increasing the workloads of other employees.

If your employer refuses to accommodate your religious beliefs, practices, dress, or grooming, then contact our Columbus religious discrimination attorney.

Religious Harassment Under Title VII

Your employer is not legally allowed to tell you that you must stop, change or start a religious practice as a condition of your employment. If an employer or coworker says or does something negative regarding your religion, and this treatment is severe enough to create a hostile or abusive environment at work, you have legal rights to make this treatment stop.

In some cases, you may file a claim against your employer. If your employer tried to stop the adverse behavior but the violator continued to harass you, the claim may be against the individual. If you have experienced religious discrimination at work, contact our Columbus religious discrimination attorney.

If an employee has certain religious beliefs, commitments or practices, it is essential to tell the employer at the time of hire. All accommodation requests should be done in writing so that there is a paper trail. It may seem tedious, but taking all the right steps will protect you if there is ever a problem down the road.

Contact our Columbus Religious Discrimination Attorney for a FREE consultation

If you are being harassed or are experiencing religious discrimination from your employer or a coworker, call 1-614-949-1181 for a free consultation with an experienced Columbus religious discrimination attorney. Our Columbus religious discrimination attorney will be able to counsel you, explain your rights, and help you take legal action.

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