Workplace Harassment Laws Ohio

Workplace Harassment

Employees should never have to endure sexual harassment or bullying at work, and you can hold perpetrators accountable for their predatory and discriminatory behavior.

Workplace harassment is illegal. At Coffman Legal, we take pride in ensuring harassers understand this by making them pay the price for mistreating or abusing co-workers.

Sadly, as workplace harassment lawyers, we have many opportunities to help clients. Harassment takes many forms, often inflicting emotional and psychological trauma that victims never fully overcome. In some instances, when harassment crosses the line into assault, the victim is left with physical injuries.

We welcome every opportunity to end behaviors that dehumanize and harm workers.

Sexual harassment can never be excused.

Mention workplace harassment to most people, and they will think about sexual harassment. One reason for this is that so many managers, supervisors, and co-workers subject the people they work with to unwanted advances, degrading comments, and sexually explicit discussions and displays.

Examples of sexual harassment that give victims grounds for filing legal complaints include

  • Being regularly exposed to pornographic images or videos
  • Getting pressured to accept dates or trade sex for a job, a promotion, or special treatment
  • Receiving constant unwelcomed or inappropriate comments about one’s appearance and desirability
  • Getting touched repeatedly and inappropriately
  • Being sexually assaulted

Victims of sexual harassment can be men or women of any age, and federal circuit courts have increasingly recognized sexual harassment based on a victim’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

Bullying and discrimination are also forms of harassment that must be stopped.

Harassment based on a person’s disability, pregnancy, race, national origin, and religion also occurs too frequently. The mistreatment ranges from insults to sabotage and physical attacks. A pattern of harassment can easily escalate from a stray comment or unkind nickname to a life-threatening situation when managers and supervisors fail to enforce laws and policies aimed at preventing discrimination in employment.

Patterns of harassment create a hostile work environment.

Employees have undeniable rights to report harassment and demand corrective action. Unfortunately, while employers are required to have plans and procedures for responding to harassment complaints, reporting problems may not spur investigations and corrective actions. Reporting harassment can even backfire, leading to more mistreatment and abuse.

When nothing is done to eliminate workplace harassment, a hostile workplace exists. Hostile workplaces limit harassment victims’ productivity and career advancement, make victims feel unsafe, and impair victims’ physical health.

Enlist the help of an anti-harassment attorney.

Reaching out to an experiencing and caring workplace harassment lawyer lets you develop a plan for documenting harassment, filing complaints with supervisors, and, when necessary, going to court with a lawsuit against the people who harassed you and/or allowed the harassment to continue.

If you would like to speak with an employees’ right attorney at Coffman Legal, call us at 1-614-949-1181 or connect with us online through this contact form. The initial consultation will cost you nothing, and the discussion will be kept strictly confidential.

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