Columbus Wrongful Termination Attorney

Wrongful Termination Attorney

If you have been unlawfully fired from your job, or wrongfully terminated, you should consult with our Columbus wrongful termination attorney to determine if you have a legal claim. There are some situations where an employer cannot fire an employee such as contracts, implied promises, discrimination, and retaliation. After speaking with a wrongful termination lawyer, we can tell you if you have a case.

Ohio and At-Will Employment

In Ohio, employers or employees may terminate their employment relationship at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. This law does not, however, apply if there is an employment contract, or if the employer fired someone for unlawful reasons.

Employees are often confused by the term “wrongful termination” and commonly believe one of the following incorrect statements:

  1. I can prove that my employer’s reason for firing me is wrong so that means I have a claim.
  2. “Wrong” means “unfair,” so my employer’s wrong (unfair) treatment of me means I have a claim.

It’s easy to see why someone may think they have a case in either of these instances based upon a literal translation of the term. However, employees must prove that the basis for their termination was unlawful to have a valid wrongful termination claim. This is where speaking with an Ohio wrongful termination attorney will help.

There are many unlawful reasons for an employer to terminate an employee, including:

It’s important to speak with a Columbus wrongful termination attorney if you believe you have suffered a wrongful termination.

Contact our Columbus Wrongful Termination Attorney for a FREE consultation

If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, you should consult with our Columbus wrongful termination attorney so that he can evaluate whether you have a legal claim. Feel free to contact our office to discuss your case for wrongful termination with our Columbus wrongful termination attorney. Call us for a free consultation at 1-614-949-1181.

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