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Our Westerville employment law attorney is dedicated to defending the rights of workers in Ohio and will help you identify possible remedies for any violations, no matter how big or small.

The conflict between labor and management is age old. Workers in Westerville form the backbone of our local and state economy, yet employers routinely skirt labor and employment laws to squeeze additional profit out of workers. At Coffman Legal, LLC, our Westerville employment law attorney is committed to defending the rights of workers and can help you make a claim for compensation when an employer unfairly takes advantage of you. We are prepared to file a claim in either court or an administrative agency to get the compensation you deserve. Please contact our legal team to schedule a free consultation.

Our Employment Law Practice

We have years of experience representing workers in a variety of labor and employment related disputes. Contact our firm to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal issue, such as:

  • Workplace discrimination and harassment
  • Unlawful termination
  • Pay disputes, including overtime and minimum wage violations
  • Workplace safety and health issues
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations
  • Medical leave disputes
  • Severance negotiations

These are only some of the areas that we have practiced in; we are prepared to represent clients in many others. If you believe your employer has treated you unfairly, then contact Coffman Legal directly to learn more about whether you have a valid legal claim.

Options after a Violation of Your Rights

An employment lawyer in Westerville is a big help if you believe your employer has broken the law. Our employment lawyers can review the evidence in the case, speak to witnesses, and decide the best path forward for remedying the violation. Without an attorney, you will be at sea trying to fully understand the myriad legal issues and how to respond to them.

The specific steps you take to defend your rights will depend on the violation. For example, if your employer has denied you overtime or has not paid the minimum wage, then you can go into court and file a lawsuit.

However, if you have suffered workplace discrimination or harassment, you need to file an administrative charge first with either the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. These administrative agencies can investigate and propose mediation.  Only after filing the administrative complaint can you sue.

Remedies for an Employment or Labor Law Violation

When an employer violates a workers’ rights, then the worker might be entitled to any of the following:

  • Job reinstatement
  • Backpay or frontpay
  • Compensatory damages
  • Punitive damages
  • Liquidated damages as a penalty
  • Attorney’s fees and court costs

Every case is different, so reach out to an attorney to discuss possible remedies available in your case.

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To schedule your free consultation with our Westerville employment lawyer at Coffman Legal, LLC, please contact us directly or request your consultation online. We offer consultations completely free and handle cases on contingency.

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