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What if I work over 40 hours and am not paid overtime? Ohio Unpaid Wages Attorneys


Contact our Ohio unpaid wages attorneys if you are working over 40 hours and are not being paid overtime.

Our Ohio unpaid wages attorneys have posted numerous blogs containing information for employees who are working over 40 hours per week, but who are not being paid time and a half for all of their hours worked. If you are not receiving overtime compensation for your hours worked over 40 each week, then you should speak with our Ohio unpaid wages attorneys to discuss your rights to unpaid wages, liquidated damages, and attorney’s fees.

There are numerous reason employers may not pay employees for all of their hours worked, including overtime. Among the reasons employees do not properly receive their overtime wages are: (1) employers misclassify employees as exempt when they are really non-exempt from receiving overtime pay under the FLSA; (2) employers take deductions, including automatic meal deductions; (3) employers have a “comp time” policy whereby they do not pay overtime, but instead bank the hours over 40 to be applied to future weeks; (4) employers don’t pay overtime if employees work 80 hours or less over the course of two weeks regardless of the number of hours worked in either workweek; (5) employers have employees sign unlawful agreements not to receive overtime; (6) employers just refuse to pay overtime wages; and (7) employers require off the clock work, such as travel, donning and doffing, at home work, on call work, among many other things.

If you have questions about your entitlement to overtime pay because you are working over 40 hours in any workweek, but not receiving time and a half, then you should speak with our Ohio unpaid wages attorneys. We represent employees individually and collectively if the unlawful pay practices are company-wide. Our Ohio unpaid wages attorneys are here to speak with you about any questions you have regarding your rights to overtime pay.  For any other questions about your rights to overtime compensation under the FLSA, then you may contact our office for a FREE consultation with our Ohio unpaid wages attorneys by filling out the information on our contact page or calling 1-614-949-1181.


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