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If you are owed unpaid wages or unpaid overtime, make sure you know your rights. You deserve to get paid what you have earned. Let our experienced Columbus Ohio Overtime Lawyer help.

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Every employee deserves an opportunity to make a living in a safe, fair workplace where they are fully compensated for all of their time spent working. If your employee rights have been violated — in any manner — our employment law firm is here to help. Ohio Employment Attorney Matthew J.P. Coffman handles the full range of labor and employment cases. To get free, fully private legal guidance from our top-rated Columbus, Ohio employment attorney, please do not hesitate to contact us today.



You Are Not Alone

No matter the specific nature of your claim, please know that you are not alone. Sadly, many other employees in Columbus and throughout Ohio have gone through similar employment issues before. Whether you are dealing with job-related discrimination, workplace sexual harassment, the denial of full and fair wages, or any other employment law violation, experienced Columbus employment lawyer Matthew J.P. Coffman is here to protect your rights. During your initial consultation, our team will review your case, answer your most pressing questions, explain your legal rights and legal options to you, and help you take action to get justice.  

Know Your Rights to Overtime Wages

Employees are protected under a wide array of state and federal labor statutes and regulations. As important as these laws are, it is difficult for employees to know the employment laws and navigate the legal process. When labor violations occur — whether it’s discrimination, a wrongful termination, unpaid overtime or other unpaid wages, or any other issue — employers often take steps to conceal the misconduct or create pretextual bases for their unlawful conduct. Our Columbus employment lawyer will make sure that you know your legal rights and we will help you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and fight for the maximum available financial compensation.

Employment Law — Our Practice Areas

At Coffman Legal, we are proud to be a full-service employment law firm. We represent employees in Columbus and throughout Ohio. Among others, some of the issues we frequently assist employees with include:

Columbus Wage and Overtime Attorney
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Ohio’s wage and hour laws, certain employees (non-exempt) are entitled to overtime pay. If you are working more than 40 hours per week and you are not being properly or fully compensated for overtime, our Columbus unpaid overtime attorney can help. Common unpaid overtime issues include: off-the-clock work, travel time, unlawful rounding, paying overtime at the wrong rate of pay, refusal to pay overtime, banking or comp time, automatic meal deductions without receiving uninterrupted meal breaks, misclassifying employees as exempt from overtime or as an independent contractor, only paying overtime if employees work over 80 hours in a biweekly pay period instead of 40 in a weekly pay period, improper deductions, only paying for the scheduled shift, and many others. As you can see, we encounter many wage and hour issues with employees who work over 40 hours in a workweek. It is worth your time to discuss your compensation with our Columbus overtime lawyer so that he can fully investigate to determine if you have any unpaid overtime or other unpaid wages.
Columbus Pregnancy Discrimination Attorney
Pregnant workers have important legal protections under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. If you were discriminated against for being pregnant — potentially including the denial of a reasonable accommodation, suspension, forced medical leave, or even termination — we can help. We understand that employers discriminate against pregnant employees. Our Columbus Pregnancy Discrimination attorney can assist you with any issues you have with your employer regarding your pregnancy.
Columbus Disability Discrimination Lawyer
Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers owe certain duties to employees who have disabilities. In addition, some employers take unlawful action against employees who have a disability or a record of a disability or who they regard as being incapable of performing their job. When an employee discloses their need for an accommodation, employers are required to engage in an interactive process to determine what the employer can do to keep the employee working. Although employers do not have to offer every accommodation, they must make reasonable accommodations for employees who have a physical or mental impairment that constitutes a disability. If your employer failed to offer a reasonable accommodation to allow you to work and meet your potential on the job, please contact our Columbus disability attorney immediately.
Columbus Wage and Hour Issues Lawyer
Our Columbus wage and hour attorney is here to assist you with any issues related to your compensation. Both federal and Ohio law requires that you be paid at minimum rates of pay for all hours worked and overtime premium when working over 40 hours in a given workweek. We often find that our clients are on the wrong end of working without being fully compensated for their labor. They are not paid for all of their hours worked or they are not fully compensated at the proper pay rate.
Columbus Sexual Harassment Lawyer
Employees deserve a workplace that is free from any type of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, sexual harassment is still prevalent today. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexcual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal or physical harassment such as comments or touching.  If you or your family member was sexually harassed by a supervisor, coworker, or customer at work, please contact our Columbus sexual harassment attorney for immediate assistance. We will aggressively pursue your rights to work in an environment that is free of sexual harassment.
Columbus Employment Retaliation Attorney
Employees have important legal rights related to retaliation by their employers. Laws against employment retaliation empower employees to exercise their rights — including reporting employer misconduct — and protect employees who are retaliated against for engaging in the protected activity. Not all retaliation is unlawful retaliation so it is important to speak with an employment attorney. If you believe that your employer retaliated against you after you engaged in a protected activity, you should contact a Columbus employment law attorney immediately.
Columbus FMLA Attorney
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows certain qualified workers to take job-protected leave associated with the birth of a child or medical needs of the employees and certain family members. The FMLA leave may be taken on a continuous or intermittent basis for up to 12 weeks. Many employees encounter interference with or retaliation because they have taken FMLA leave, but our Ohio FMLA lawyer is here to help. If you were unfairly denied leave or you were punished for taking FMLA leave, please contact a Columbus employment lawyer as soon as possible.
Columbus Wrongful Termination Lawyer
Although Ohio is an at-will employment state, employers are prohibited from terminating workers for illegal reasons. If you were fired for a discriminatory reason, in retaliation for exercising your rights, because you engaged in whistleblower activities, or in breach of contract, you may be able to bring a wrongful termination claim. There are limited reasons that a wrongful termination may result in a legal claim, but it is important to speak with an Ohio wrongful termination attorney right away so that we can inform you what action should be taken.

Top-Rated Employment Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

Our Columbus Employment attorney Matthew J.P. Coffman represents Ohio employees with unpaid overtime or unpaid wages, FLSA overtime issues, other wage and hour issues, disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, other types of employment discrimination.


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If you find yourself in need of an attorney as I did, contact Coffman Legal.

I called Coffman Legal after being discriminated against by my employer he explained to me what the laws was. and what I could do about it. he didn’t waste any time getting started on my case he kept me updated on everything that was going on and he got me the money that I deserved. I was really impressed with the way he handled my case I would recommend him to anyone. out of 1 to 10 I rate him a 10.


I recently found myself in need of representation.

At the last minute, I decided to look online for an attorney outside our small town to at least get an opinion before I proceeded. It was my good fortune that Matthew Coffman responded. He answered my e-mail that same evening, and set up a time to speak by phone the next day. It was obvious during that first call that he, of course, understood much more clearly where I stood than I did myself. Mr. Coffman has that rare ability that encompasses both complete professionalism and true compassion. Ultimately, he secured an outcome that I would not have thought possible, and for which I am extremely grateful. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Coffman to anyone who finds him/herself in any type of situation regarding employment.


Matthew Coffman recently assisted with my case regarding an employment matter.

Matthew Coffman recently assisted with my case regarding an employment matter. With Matt’s professional knowledge and advice my case was able to be resolved timely and favorably. I was very pleased with his assistance and representation. I felt as though myself and my case were a true priority and I was treated with respect throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend the representation of Coffman Legal!


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