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Columbus Ohio Employment Attorney

Columbus Ohio Employment Attorney Matthew J.P. Coffman represents employees in nearly all aspects of litigation related to their employment in Courts and administrative agencies throughout Ohio. From employees’ applications for employment and continuing through their employment to their separations and severance, we are here to provide effective, experienced legal representation. Our Columbus employment attorney is here to help guide you through any workplace issues you are experiencing.

Common Workplace Issues

Our office regularly assists employees with all kinds of employment-related matters, including but not limited to:

(1) any issues related to their compensation, such as unpaid wages and unpaid overtime;

(2) employment discrimination or harassment before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Ohio Civil Rights Commission, and Ohio state and federal courts;

(3) FMLA medical leave interference and retaliation;

(4) Employment retaliation; and

(5) wrongful termination. In addition, our Columbus employment attorney regularly assists employees who experience sexual harassment and many other miscellaneous employment issues.

Post-Separation Issues

Upon an employee’s separation from employment, our Columbus employment attorney will work fight for your rights to unemployment compensation and/or demand for severance pay. We can work with you to secure unemployment benefits or fight for additional severance.

Even if it’s determined that you are not initially eligible for unemployment compensation benefits, you can still appeal and have a hearing. Keep in mind, this hearing is the most important stage of the unemployment process and having an attorney can make all the difference in your case.

Employers retain attorneys and other services to assist with their defense, so you should take the unemployment process very seriously. After listening to testimony, the hearing officer will decide whether you are, indeed, eligible for unemployment compensation. To have the best chance, we encourage all terminated employees to retain an Ohio employment attorney who is experienced with unemployment proceedings to assist with the process.

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