Does your employer owe you

for unpaid overtime?

If you are owed unpaid wages, make sure you know your rights. The Fair Labor Standards Act and Ohio law are there for your protection. You deserve to get paid what is owed to you. Let our Columbus Overtime Lawyer help.


Have you been

discriminated against at work?
If you have experienced discrimination at work due to disability, medical leave, military status, gender, pregnancy, age, race or religion, we want to help. No one should have to work in a hostile environment. Contact our Columbus Employment Discrimination Attorney today.
Has your employer
terminated your employment?
We are here for you regardless whether you need assistance negotiating a severance package, obtaining unemployment benefits, or taking legal action for a wrongful termination. Let our Columbus Wrongful Termination Lawyer assist you.

You Are Not Alone

Unfortunately, you are not the first person to experience employment discrimination and you won’t be the last. Various federal and state laws are in place to prohibit workplace discrimination. Our Columbus Employment Lawyer is here to help employees in protected classes who have been treated unfairly at any point in the employment process from hiring to firing.

Know Your Rights to Overtime Wages

Employers find many improper reasons not to pay employees the overtime wages that they have earned, including misclassification as exempt or as an independent contractor, unlawful deductions, automatic meal deductions, other deductions, refusal, comp time, off-the-clock work, and other issues. Our Columbus Overtime Lawyer is here to assist you with your right to recover the overtime you are owed.

Coffman Legal Represents Employees in Columbus and throughout Ohio with issues regarding Unpaid Wages or Overtime, Employment Discrimination, the Family Medical Leave Act, Sexual Harassment, and other Employment matters.

Unpaid Wages and Overtime

Our Columbus Wage and Hour Lawyer understands the frustration and hardships that employees experience when they have unpaid wages or unpaid overtime from their current or former employer. We are here to provide passionate counsel to employees seeking recovery of their unpaid wages or overtime. We will fight for your right to be paid to the maximum extent permitted under federal and state law. Our firm has substantial experience providing skilled, effective representation to employees on an individual or class basis in all types of wage and hour litigation for unpaid wages and overtime.


The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a complex federal law that governs eligible employees’ right to take intermittent or continuous medical leave for qualifying medical or family reasons. Oftentimes, employees find themselves with questions about their rights and their employers’ rights with respect to their medical leave. Our Columbus FMLA lawyer is here to provide guidance to employees asserting their right to FMLA protected leave and representation if their employers interfere with, or otherwise retaliate against them for exercising, their rights.

Employment Issues

There are many potential employees’ rights issues beginning when a potential employee applies for employment, continuing once they are employed, and concluding at the end of their employment relationship. We are here to answer any questions regarding: (1) the background check your employer uses to make hiring decisions; (2) the hostile work environment you work in; (3) the severance agreement you receive at your separation; or (4) your right to unemployment compensation. Our Columbus Employment Lawyer is cognizant that one’s livelihood is a critical aspect of their life and we appreciate the seriousness of each employee’s legal dilemma.


Unfortunately, our Columbus Employment Discrimination Lawyer understands that discrimination is still prevalent today. We further recognize that employers often create hostile environments for employees prior to taking adverse employment actions. Employees facing such adversity often feel in need of an advocate who will protect their interests. We are here to evaluate whether you have a claim for unlawful discrimination. We will advise you of your rights and guide you through the administrative and judicial processes to resolve your employment discrimination claims.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment at work is completely unacceptable. Our Columbus Sexual Harassment Lawyer appreciates the struggle that employees experience when they are being sexually harassed by a coworker or supervisor. Not only do the employees feel reluctant to report what is often embarrassing conduct, but they also fear retaliation. One of the most important things that you can do to protect yourself if you find yourself in this situation is to contact an attorney who is there for you and will swiftly take the necessary steps to end the unwelcomed harassment.


Within employment law, there are multiple laws which protect employees from retaliation by their employers. For instance, employees who participate in various proceedings and employees who oppose unlawful employment practices, such as reporting sexual harassment, are protected from retaliation. In addition, employees who exercise their right to medical leave or pursue workers’ compensation benefits are likewise protected from retaliation.  Our Columbus Employment Retaliation Lawyer is here to inform you of your rights related to retaliation at work and protect you from unlawful retaliation by your employer.


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Coffman Legal, LLC is a Columbus-based employment law firm representing employees throughout Ohio with all issues arising out of their employment. Our Columbus Employment Lawyer is here to assist with compensation issues on an individual or collective basis, such as unpaid overtime compensation, unpaid wages, wage and hour issues, tipped employee issues, minimum wage issues, and prevailing wage maters. In addition, our Columbus Employment Lawyer handles all types of employment discrimination, including disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, military status discrimination, religious discrimination, race discrimination, age discrimination, and gender discrimination. Finally, our Columbus Employment Lawyer handles important, but miscellaneous issues that occur from pre-employment until separation, including FMLA violations, sexual harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment, background checks, wrongful termination, and severance negotiations. Our Columbus Employment Lawyer looks forward to the opportunity to serve you. Contact us for a FREE consultation with our Columbus Employment Lawyer today.